The Random Knowledge Enthusiast!

The RKE for short for The Random Knowledge Enthusiast, the creator of eBooks, a Podcast, online courses, TikTok videos, Clapper, and YouTube content. The mission is simple, to spread as much knowledge as possible! In various entertaining formats.

Bootstrap 5 Foundations

Bootstrap is a HTML5, CSS and JavaScript framework that enjoys 72% of the market share. It is used to create mobile-first responsive websites quickly and easily. Bootstrap 5 is the newest version of this framework. Leaving behind jQuery for a more integrated web languages model Bootstrap 5 will drive a new generation of websites.

The RKE Podcast

Welcome to The RKE, which stands for Random Knowledge Enthusiast! A podcast of short episodes filled with topics, trends and subjects that take my fancy. What will I be talking about? I have absolutely no idea. It will be purely random. But, we should learn some interesting new things together.

Remote Working

Are you looking to have your career be future proof?

Do you want the flexibility to work from home or in an office?

Do you want to be ready to ace your next job interview?

Did you know that Remote Working Professionals earn 8.3% more on average than their office bound counterparts with the same education and years experience?

Meet the author

The Random Knowledge Enthusiast is a brand initally created on TikTok which then expanded into a more generalised branding for publishing eBooks, courses, and other social media content.

My real name is Daniel Foreman, I've been an Technical Writer, software developer, voice artist and video engineer for over fifteen years. With industry experience going back even further.

I enjoy teaching, and intend to bring common sense learning across a broad range of sciences, philisophys, technologies, and general knowledge through various mediums.

My work in podcasting will bring you a daily dose of random information on litarily any topic, while my published eBooks will give you specalist knowledge in a particular topic.

I am particularly proud of my work with education company i Support Learning, through whose brand CTe Learning I deliver professional courseware to schools, colleges and universities wordwide. Our partnerships with workforce enable new professional careers throughout the states.


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